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Flexibility and Independence

Over the last three decades, we have gained a reputation for offering, in zenon, the most innovative automation software. In practice, this means satisfying current standards and requirements as much as integrating them into developed systems. Allowing for the different habits and requirements of users and enabling them to carry out project development work quickly and without errors. This only works with a solid foundation.


We put the freedom of our customers first. They know best how to implement their projects optimally and efficiently. We therefore orientate ourselves to their requirements. It doesn’t matter if they work in Automotive, Energy & Infrastructure, Food & Beverage or Pharmaceutical: users must have the freedom to go their own way without neglecting standards. For us, this means:


We act independently of external financiers and stock markets. With solid in-house backing, a large budget for research and development and consistent long-term software development, we free ourselves to work only for our customers. Our commitment to independence is evident in our products, which enable the greatest possible freedom when selecting hardware and software.


We love challenges and set the pace for modern, contemporary automation. We naturally meet standards, but expend just as much time and energy creating software that enables the free development of individual working methods and individual customer solutions.


Our customers are much more than business partners for us. They inspire us, their trust strengthens us and their feedback enables us to think in new ways and meet diverse requirements.

We know our customers are as independent and autonomous as we are, as we continue our path as a manufacturer of software for industrial automation. Our challenge is to remain a strong and reliable partner. And continue to empower you according to our motto: do it your way.