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Article ID: 481686


IEC850 driver is not supporting anymore the 'Qualifier of Command' as Check value.


When in Command Processing module an action (e.g. 'switching command') has active property 'use Qualifier of Command' then, the value of 'QoC' configured in action, shall be used as 'Check' value in Operate and SelectWithValue (SBOw) and Cancel commands of IEC61850 Client driver.

In versions <= 7.11 is OK. In version 7.20 is not supported anymore since build 23958; also 7.50 is affected in first builds.


Now the Qualifier of Command is considered again. If a project contains both methods - QoC property and Check variable - then driver uses QoC from command and the additional Check-variable is ignored.


the driver is mirroring 'Qualifier of Command' action setting to */Oper.Check[CO] like following:

  • QoC=0 --> Check=0 ("no check")
  • QoC=1 --> Check=0x40 ("interlock-check")
  • QoC=2 --> Check=0x80 ("synchrocheck")
  • QoC=3 --> Check=0xC0 ("check both")