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Article ID: 509335


Several issues were observed where the Web Client was reloading Runtime files constantly, and also buttons stopped working at some point.
What could be the reason for this behavior?


The Web Client usually loads the Runtime Files from the Runtime Server once, and then only checks if the files have changed. 
Especially on Windows 10 Systems, it may happen that the Web Client always tries to download all files again from the server. Also the loss of functinality of several Buttons was observed.

This can occur due to an access restriction for the Internet Explorer, where the browser is not allowed to access the files (read/write) from the temp-folder anymore. As a result, the Web Client will load all files in order to have them available in the System memory. This behavoir extends the loading time of the Web Client and might turn it unfunctional.

To solve this issue, it is recommended to adapt the [PATH] section in the zenon6.ini with the following entry:

WEB_PROJECT_PATH= C:\<SampleDirectory>

Please note that this adaption has to be done on all clients.
It is also reccomended to verify the acess restrictions of the IE or the WebClient Starter in case the Issue is not solved by the ini entry.