zenon for Energy & Infrastructure

zenon for Energy & Infrastructure

Efficient to Engineer, Easy to Integrate, from Power Plants through to Smart Grids.

zenon for Energy & Infrastructure

Efficient to Engineer, Easy to Integrate, from Power Plants through to Smart Grids.

Your comprehensive and state-of-the-art SCADA solution for power plants, substations and wind parks. zenon is easy to integrate into existing infrastructures and meets all international standards thanks to various industry-specific drivers and security features.

zenon Energy Edition

Usability, security and the adherence to international standards are key. zenon facilitates the efficient operation and management of automation projects in energy generation and distribution.


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zenon for Energy & Infrastructure

Rod Traux, Senior Automation Specialist, SEL Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

on zenon:

"zenon ALC hacks a lot of development time"

Philipp Kremer, Product Manager, KUKA Roboter GmbH

on zenon:

"zenon allows you to easily and efficiently create user interfaces. The solution is highly intuitive, training efforts are minimal."

René Gottsbacher, Process Visualization Technician, KNAPP Systemintegration GmbH

on zenon:

"zenon is a very open and independent system. Thanks to the diversity of the more than 300 drivers, it communicates with just about every hardware and software product out there."

Thomas Lantermann, Mitsubishi Electric Europe

on zenon:

"We are simply amazed how quickly, easily and effectively the COPA-DATA solution was created to our specifications."

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Industry Manager Energy & Infrastructure

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  • zenon in Energy
  • Protocols
  • Renewable Energy
  • PRP in IEC 61850 SCADA Systems

    Ethernet networks for critical high-speed applications in substations. PRP and HSR redundancy protocols in IEC 61850-based systems.

  • IEC 61850 wizards for energy automation

    Wizards for faster and easier creation of IEC 61850-based energy automation projects.

  • Command Sequencer in zenon

    Automate recurring switching actions with the Command Sequencer. Configure, test and execute them in the graphics editor directly.

  • IEC 61850 Training

    The advantages of IEC 61850 can only be utilized if employees are well trained.

  • Reporting for Hydro-electric Power Plants

    Simple and efficient reporting for hydro-electric power plants with zenon Analyzer.

  • Ready for SIL 2

    COPA-DATA is certified to SIL 2 in accordance with the requirements of the IEC 61508 standard.

  • Ergonomic Substation Automation

    zenon Energy Edition offers the entire palette of functionality for automated substations.

  • Everywhere App by zenon for your Smartphone

    The Everywhere App by zenon - This is how you can have your production under control at any time.

  • Enhancements in zenon IEC 61850 Client Driver

    The KEMA certified IEC 61850 Client Driver in zenon was supplemented with various optional functions.

  • Ergonomics in Automation

    When you think about Automation do you connect it to machinery and equipment? That is correct of course, but there is more to it!

  • Profitable Engineering for HMI SCADA projects

    Reduce your engineering times by up to 80%. zenon is solely oriented in supporting you for quick engineering.

  • zenon in the Energy Industry

    Substation Automation System: The energy automation system zenon can be used with any type of hardware and offers secure commands & fault location.

  • Topology

    With topological coloring, the status of electrical grids can be graphically displayed. It provides a perfect overview and makes actions traceable.

  • Variety of Drivers

    Whether it is IEC 61850 or IEC 60870 standard, DNP3 or a special driver: zenon is applicable for the control of energy, water, traffic and telecommunications.

  • IEC 60870, IEC 61850 and IEC 61400-25

    zenon is supporting the standards of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) IEC 60870, IEC 61850 and IEC 61400-25.

  • DNP3

    The process control system, zenon, enables the combination of different standards – for example, DNP3 and IEC 61850 - and guarantees high performance.

  • Smart Grids and zenon Process Gateway

    Energy supply is changing from a highway into a dual system. How can numerous small producers be integrated efficiently?

  • Smart Grids in the medium and low voltage level

    Smart meters are a central element of Smart Grids. However, smart meters can only realize their full potential if they can communicate efficiently.

  • Smart Grids: Renewable Energy and Cyber Security

    More and more energy derives from renewable energy sources. Therefore, security requirements for Smart Grids increase.

  • IEC 61400-25 zenon SCADA in wind park management

    The zenon Energy Edition features wind-power-specific functions and the full range of functions for high-voltage switchgear.

  • Network - SNMP and zenon

    SNMP ensures that you have an overview and control of a network. zenon features its own SNMP driver and can be both an agent and a manager.


Stable and safe

Only a robust equipment environment is efficient. Using remote maintenance and Hot Reload functions zenon can offer smooth servicing, control and update processes - without restarting the Runtime, without an equipment stop. This ensures increased availability and stability whilst providing maximum data security.




Security through usability

The key to improved equipment security? The user gains uncompromising orientation - with zenon.  Because more usability shortens training times, increases attention and ensures quicker and more efficient reactions in work processes.


Security and protection

Strong network encryption, comprehensive user management and worldwide unique security mechanisms protect your zenon network. Your equipment runs safely and your mind can be at ease.


Count on maximum security in HMI/SCADA and contact us!


User friendly and flexible

zenon offers equipment efficiency starting with the user. An individual workstation is the key to ergonomic and efficient working. Adjust projects according to individual user needs, in advance or during running operations - so you can create future-oriented jobs. New employees are quickly trained and error-free control ensures effective equipment operations.




Usability allows for efficiency

The modern design and up-to-date, intuitive control, by means of Multitouch gestures familiar from tablet computers and Smart phones, offer the user a more interesting way of working. For increased attention and faster response times in operations? Thus optimization potential can be more quickly recognized and implemented.


Ergonomics for all

zenon ensures efficient control of equipment whilst allowing for the separation of design and functionalities.  Therefore, the most diverse corporate design requirements can be fulfilled and any desired language can be easily integrated.


Find out more about zenon and contact us!


Open and fully integratable

You need to combine zenon with an existing equipment environment? No problem. If it be an upgrade, a conversion or an enhancement - with zenon you need not re-invent the wheel, you can save time and costs for equipment integration.





Update your equipment to the latest standards in technology, utilize existing infrastructures and bring the best performance out of existing machine parks.


Open and flexible

Over 300 different communication protocols are available in order to easily and smoothly integrate machinery into existing systems.  Just as versatile as using existing hardware, zenon also communicates with software systems such as ERPs or third-party databases.  No more information islands with zenon - instead, a continuous data exchange is achieved across systems.  Advantages which many companies have already gained from in the AutomotiveFood & Beverage, Energy and Pharmaceutical as well as further industries.


More efficiency and ergonomics in the HMI/SCADA area - contact one of our representatives!

zenon Energy Edition


zenon Energy Edition

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White Papers
  • DNP3
  • Ethernet Network Redundancy
  • IEC 61850 Command Processing
  • Smartgrid 1 Processgateway
  • Smartgrid 2 Medium Low Voltage
  • Smartgrid 3 Renewable Energy and Cyber Security
  • SNMP
  • Topology
  • Variety of Drivers
  • Windparks Photovoltaic Farms
zenon Energy Edition

zenon Energy Edition

Efficient operation and management of automation projects in energy generation and distribution

Efficient engineering and cost-effective validation

Security, regulations and flexibility are only some of the many challenges that HMI/SCADA projects face in the energy sector. zenon Energy Edition is the industry-specific automation solution for power plants, substations, grid control technology and wind park management.

Safety and security at every level

Powerful project engineering, operations and management, from field level through to superordinate systems. Feature highlights, such as topological coloring, fault location, topological interlocking and process interlocking, as well as secure command processing and flexible, effective alarm management, guarantee for efficiency and security.

Meeting international standards

Specifically developed drivers guarantee adherence to international standards such as IEC 61850/IEC 61400-25, IEC 60870 and DNP3. zenon Logic can be implemented as both a Soft-PLC on the control system PC, but also in IEDs (intelligent electronic devices) and RTUs (remote telemetry units) as an embedded option. With the seamless integration of zenon Logic, the IEC 61131-3-based PLC system, zenon Energy Edition becomes a comprehensive solution for energy automation.


Find out more regarding zenon Energy automation solutions and contact our Industry Manager Jürgen Resch.