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Engineering and

Engineering and

of Automated Substations

zenon Energy Edition offers the entire palette of functionality for automated substations:

  • Connection to all typical field equipment and protection relays of known and unfamiliar vendors, via standard protocols (such as IEC 61850, DNP3 or IEC 60870), allow for freedom of choice.

  • The zenon Editor also reduces the development time of follow-up projects through the simple reusability of objects, and eases maintenance. Error sources are therefore minimized.

  • Distributed engineering offers the best possibility of efficiently separating tasks during the creation of SCADA applications.

Ergonomic engineering of automated substations

The first step towards attaining an automated substation is through an ergonomic engineering. The creation of a project should happen as quickly as possible and error sources should already have been eliminated.


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Implementation of an automated substation

Commissioning, Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), Site Acceptance Test (SAT) and trial operation are phases of a SCADA application, which need to be looked at with particularly critical eyes. It is therefore important for a system integrator to have the correct tools available to achieve the required result even during highly stressful situations.

Ergonomic operation of a substation

Operation of a substation is then ergonomic, if everything is working like clockwork and the substation can stay unmanned. Yet it is still possible that it is necessary for the plant to be staffed. It is important in such cases, to give even untrained employees a tool with which they can intuitively work.