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SCADA systems for the management of wind farms

SCADA systems for the management of wind farms

(onshore and offshore)

Monitoring of wind farms and wind parks with zenon

Wind farms and wind parks are just as intensively monitored as other industrial processes. This is because the objective is to operate the wind park as cost-effectively as possible. It must be ensured throughout that the turbines generate as much energy as possible and that downtime due to problems is kept as low as possible. To ensure a perfect overview of one or more parks, a system is needed that:
a) communicates with the typical protocols and
b) is in a position to lead the operator to the sources of problems.

449 kB

zenon Energy Edition – from IEC 61400-25 through alarm administration to mobile messaging

Both are covered with the zenon Energy Edition. On the one hand, it features the IEC 61400-25 driver for direct connection to devices in the wind turbines and central equipment such as frequency convertors. All data from the park is therefore available, from speed, through to power output, to the condition-monitoring data. On the other hand, zenon features alarm management for collective alarms in an overview screen, through to the detailed alarm in the turbine nacelle. At the same time, zenon displays the alarms and operating reports in the form of lists, which can be filtered. The system features Message Control to inform maintenance technicians of irregularities directly, by text message or phone call.

Functions for high-voltage switchgear

In addition to these wind-power-specific functions zenon Energy Edition integrates the full range of functions for high-voltage switchgear, such as safe commands, switching recognition, interlocking and topological coloring.

Fully-fledged SCADA web clients

zenon Webserver is used in order to have access to control and monitoring systems via the internet using a web browser. The exact same user interface as the one in the headquarters can be called up using this feature, either with full operability or as a pure monitoring application.

Data recording and data evaluation with zenon Energy Edition and zenon Analyzer

Wind parks are monitored very precisely in real time, but the data also needs to be archived and analyzed precisely afterwards. The archive system integrated zenon is available.Trend displays are used to evaluate archived data or the zenon Report Generator  is used to provide analysis data in table form.

The zenon Analyzer is recommended for the data analysis of  a wind park. The zenon Analyzer analyzes all relevant data that is generated in wind parks. The reports generated provide the staff in charge of equipment and management with a comprehensive and transparent overview of previous events and the current situation in the wind parks. These reports use both real-time data as well as historical data for the evaluations. Users can utilize standardized, pre-defined templates, in order to deploy the tool quickly and efficiently. Furthermore,  it is possible to adapt the pre-defined reports or to define individual reports in order to display specific requirements precisely.