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Reach a Smart Grid
with IEC 61850

Reach a Smart Grid
with IEC 61850

Training is the key to success

The IEC 61850 standard has the advantage that control systems are compatible with systems from different manufacturers and can be securely connected with one another. Standardized communication methods between electronic devices allows the development of systems so that products from various manufacturers can be integrated.

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IEC 61850 is therefore a fundamental pillar which enables the development of Smart Grid solutions. Furthermore, smooth communications from management to field level saves time and money.

The importance of IEC 61850 training

Systems that are based on IEC 61850 are often very complex. A lack of understanding for IEC 61850 or poor knowledge regarding the standard often leads to problems in the implementation. In order to avoid a cost explosion or make serious mistakes it is important that the people involved in the conception, implementation and maintenance phases are adequately trained.

Find out more in this article by Pascal Schaub, director and principal engineer of DT Partners in Australia, about how IEC 61850 is affecting developments in the energy sector and the importance of training.


This article appeared in the Electrical Review, December 2014.