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Substation automation system:

Distributing energy safely and managing it efficiently

An energy substation automation system involves coordinating a large number of different components in an intelligent way and without risk of error. These components include field devices, protection equipment, servers, routers, log printers, gateways and time synchronization computers.


In other words we have to enable connections to all manner of different devices, while ensuring that processes can be guaranteed to run smoothly and providing precision monitoring. The software you use to maintain your overview and control over switching stations and power plants makes a big difference. Software is especially important if you are working in a sensitive sector, are concerned with minimizing maintenance overheads or maintaining customer satisfaction.

SCADA-based substation automation system

zenon is a first-rate intelligent energy management system. Over the past fifteen years this SCADA software has been impressing users in many different industries all around the world. A few of its key strengths are its secure commands, fault location, clear topology and consistent object orientation.


In practice consistent object orientation means that once an object has been defined it can be used time and again simply with the click of a mouse. This is just one tool zenon provides to ensure system integrators can quickly adapt existing projects for new environments without introducing errors in the process. End users can also easily adapt ongoing projects themselves. This is because zenon is deployed by a simple process of setting parameters rather than the costly, time-consuming and error-prone process of programming. This makes zenon easy to learn, and it will rapidly begin to produce results.

zenon Energy Edition: Windows compatible

One of zenon's particular strengths is its compatibility with all Windows platforms – from Windows CE or XP Embedded, through Vista and Windows 7 to Server 2008 - all deployed with the same Editor, whichever platform you use. In addition, there are many standards and communication protocols that have been implemented in zenon. zenon thus operates strictly in line with industry standards.


The substation automation system, zenon, can be used with almost any type of hardware you like, and can communicate successfully with third-party applications. Take a little time to check out zenon Energy Edition - you will experience a hitherto unimagined ease and freedom in your project engineering . Experience a revelation in just how straightforward and intuitive industrial software can be to operate. From day one you can be certain that your customers will enjoy greater productivity and safety - and so will you.