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zenon Automatic Line Coloring

A clearer overview and improved security using Topology

Security is the uppermost priority for energy applications in particular. Technologies are required that can simultaneously protect people when operating the equipment and ensure that supply is guaranteed. Having a clear overview and transparency of all processes and actions contribute significantly to increased safety. These are the drivers for creating a topologically colored one line diagram within an energy application.

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Using topological coloring, electrical grids can be graphically displayed exactly as they are. In addition to providing an overview of the whole network, this display primarily serves to make actions traceable. If topology logic must be initially programmed, this entails considerable time and cost, especially for complex plants. With zenon automatic line coloring (ALC) the topology can be colored simply and the appropriate logic implemented. The information is communicated visually (for example, by colors, lines and switch types) and thus helps the user to act quickly and appropriately. The advantages are particularly apparent with regards to abnormal network statuses. Deviations to common switch settings are immediately and clearly visible.

Topology is primarily used for complex network control systems, where network sections and switching statuses are not immediately recognizable. But also in substations topological coloring is an efficient aid to the appropriate analysis of situations and identifying what action is required.

zenon ALC - topological coloring

  • Automatically display flows of electricity and resources
  • Multiple supplies
  • Assured supply
  • Topological interlockings
  • Topological elements - transformer and disconnectors
  • Error detection