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Smart City: Smart Buildings with zenon

Intelligent Buildings – Sustainability for well-being

Elevators, air-conditioning systems, heating, lighting systems, water, electricity – a building brings together numerous systems that interlink in an automated fashion. Public facilities such as universities, schools or hospitals represent a high energy-saving potential, because they often have older building infrastructures. As an energy data management system (EDMS), zenon helps the operators to identify and achieve potential savings in the best possible way. zenon provides the basis for deciding on the correct actions by automatically collecting and analyzing energy data, while also complying with the requirements of the TÜV-Süd "Certified Energy Data Management" standard as per ISO 50001, an important standard for the implementation of sustainable consumption targets.

Smart Buildings = sustainability buildings


In today's cities, public facilities, such as universities, schools or hospitals, offer an enormously high potential for energy savings, because these are often older buildings. Regardless of whether it is a public building or the public transport network, zenon, as an energy data management system (EDMS), can help you identify and implement energy savings potential.


zenon supports you with the automated collection and evaluation of any energy data which you may need as a basis for decision making in energy management.

Automate buildings and collect data


There are generally different buildings services in a building, and tens of thousands of sensors that control them. This presents a challenge for many software systems, to integrate them into a central solution and thus guarantee more efficient operation of the complete building automation. This is possible with zenon, regardless of whether it is a matter of combining elevators, air-conditioning systems, heating, lighting systems, water or electricity into one solution.

Smart Buildings

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Smart Buildings

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