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Smart City: Water Solutions with zenon

Water – The origin of everything

How can the water processing and supply for a city, with its kilometers of pipelines, far-flung treatment plants and numerous pumping stations, be designed more intelligently? By using zenon to predict acute or otherwise unexpected peaks in consumption and introduce measures to avoid disruptions to the water supply. Various factors need to be considered, including weather data. Another example: zenon also provides maintenance personnel with all the figures and data of the water or sewerage network on a mobile device, so leakage losses are quickly detected via incoming alarm notifications. This means that the operations and security of the water supply of a city or an entire region can be continuously improved.

Reliable water distribution for your city


An important point for smart cities is the smart and seamless supply of clean drinking water. In doing so, it is primarily the constant maintenance and efficient operation of the usually far-reaching distribution network that is decisive. Thanks to a web-based user interface, maintenance technicians can, in addition to a central control room, use mobile end devices for location-independent management of operations – and also be on call at home. Leakage losses are quickly detected by means of incoming alarm messages. In addition, with zenon, thanks to predictive analysis systems and machine learning (ML), acute and unexpected peaks of consumption can be detected in advance and appropriate measures can be instigated, in order to avoid bottlenecks in the water supply.

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