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ISO 50001 as opportunity for the Automotive industry.

ISO 50001 as opportunity for the Automotive industry.

Acquire a certified Energy Management System with zenon

Energy and media costs, as well as controlled resource consumption, are crucial for success in the automotive industry. Therefore, on the one hand the new ISO 50001 standards for effective energy and resource management come in very handy, but at the same time it also brings new challenges. To control energy costs in the framework of a current standard is not an effective cost-cutting approach, but also paves the way to government support. Furthermore, successful energy management positively affects the climate and thereby also one`s own image.


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What does ISO 50001:2011 offer the Automotive industry?

The standard goes beyond the question of what an energy management system should provide. It provides companies with concrete specifications and instructions for successful implementation. In addition to the management who primarily need to ensure realistic goals and controlled measures, it is necessary to integrate as many employees of a company as possible for the implementation and control.


It is also particularly important to see that a good balance is achieved. It is not only the goal to reach the best possible numbers, but also the optimum coordination of the company goals and a reduction of energy consumption. Quality and quantity of the production should not suffer as a result of the measures. More importantly, energy data needs to be specifically analyzed in a continuous process and optimization potential should be exploited.


A central part of the ISO 50001 certification is already taken from the ISO 9001 (quality management systems) and the ISO 14001 (environmental management systems) standard`s known PDCA cycle:

  • Plan: Understand the situation and create goals and plans for improvement on the basis of energy output performance indicators (ENPIs).
  • Do: Put plans into action.
  • Check: Measure results, monitor, document and evaluate.
  • Act: Strengthen positive experiences and continue development across the entire organizational system and over various production teams.

Perfect implementation of an Energy Management System with zenon

The members of the zenon Product Family have already proven in practice how they are perfectly suited for the optimal implementation of an EMS. Especially zenon Supervisor, zenon Logic and zenon Analyzer are the ideal combination. With their help it is possible to win, analyze and perfectly prepare a large variety of data – ready for use in presentations – during running operations and in Realtime, from almost all sensors, PLCs, machinery and equipment.


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