Automated Engineering with zenon

Automotive Automated Engineering

How zenon lets you concentrate on key tasks


If your products are in high demand and production is ongoing, this doesn't leave much space for time-consuming tasks that do not contribute directly to added value. The zenon Software Platform takes these tasks off your hands, so you can focus on your core competencies and the production process itself.

Automated engineering with zenon

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Automated engineering with zenon

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When turning the vision of digitalization into reality, automated engineering is a must. Here, wizards take over processes and work steps. Users are guided through all the work steps as if by magic. Automated engineering is a necessity for competitive advantage in the production industry, which is shaped by individualization and cost pressures. zenon supports you by taking over standard industrial automation tasks in the automotive industry. This gives you the opportunity to focus on your core competencies and develop innovative solutions to the challenges of our digital age.

Increasing efficiency

Preconfigured wizards are already included in zenon. Features can be added to them manually, as required. Of course, wizards can also be created automatically. Wizards can be used to add new features to the zenon Editor, which is equipped with powerful automation tools. This eliminates the need to repeatedly perform error-prone tasks. Monotonous tasks such as creating identical objects are avoided with zenon. Instead, the user can focus on proactive engineering; improving production capacity and processes. One example of a powerful wizard is the zenon automotive generator (zag). The zag performs numerous tasks, such as project planning processes in vehicle production. It analyzes PLC data and converts it to easy-to-understand visualizations for the automatic assignment of modules. The wizard generates error-free projects in substantially less time than traditional solutions.


Easily implementing changes

Templates, such as symbols or data types, are used frequently in the automotive industry. These are applied to systems. zenon enables users to apply these templates easily without any issues. A wizard is used to create the project elements by simple configuration. You can also use the zenon Software Platform's wizards to update the templates. Objects can be exchanged in the background and then used immediately. The best part is, because the wizard provides support throughout the process, this action can be performed by anyone – even those who have not had specific zenon training.


Save time and avoid mistakes

Data used as the basis for project planning is frequently managed in other systems, e.g. Excel or PLC programs. The intermittent, highly involved manual transmission of data can be error-prone. The wizards already available in zenon avoid error sources from the beginning. This substantially saves time in the project planning phase.


Importing alarms

The zenon automation software enables you to import alarm text directly from the source, e.g. the PLC program. The alarm text is imported into the system and checked according to your specification. A wizard then transfers this text to zenon without error. This eliminates duplicate typing for the user.