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Consumption optimization

in Food & Beverage Production:

How zenon supports the new DIN EN 16001 standard

Consumption optimization and use of resources plays an important role in the Food & Beverage sector, especially when the profitability of the company is an issue. Consumed resources can range from basic stocks of products through to cleaning materials and lubricants. The DIN EN 16001 standard, published in August 2009, describes the implementation of processes that regulate the use of energy in any form. An important part of the standard is involving the employee in energy management and consumption optimization as far as possible.

Consumption Optimization

White Paper

Consumption Optimization

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DIN EN 16001 contributing to continuous consumption optimization

The COPA-DATA Food & Beverage Sector Manager, Emilian Axinia, had the opportunity to discuss the new standard with a consumption management specialist. Emilian documented the conversation and sums up the main points:

  1. The DIN EN 16001 standard contributes to the creation of continuous improvements to processes and systems, which favor more efficient use of energy.
  2. zenon ensures the easy integration of both measuring devices and production facilities and ensures the long-term expandability of the energy management system at reduced cost.
  3. zenon provides real-time information and monitoring by means of energy performance indicators (EPIs) calculated online, alarm management, lists of results, graphical display of trends and symbols, freely definable user interfaces and the specialized Load Management module.
  4. zenon enables cost-effective involvement of personnel, provides tailor-made reports for corresponding consumption analysis tasks and makes efficient employee training possible by means of a simulation mode.

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