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Dynamic Production Reporting

Dynamic Production Reporting

Analyze consumption, calculate KPIs,
like OEE and much more.

The Challenges in Food & Beverage production

The Food & Beverage industry faces continuous challenges expressed in specific requirements, such as:

  • produce more (increase production effectiveness)
  • reduce material and energy consumption
  • use production resources more efficiently
  • control quality
  • and many others

Having the right information available

There is a never ending process of continuous improvement, with fundamental concepts, such as Total Productive Management, or standards such as ISO 22000. How difficult or easy the mission of the production teams from this perspective is, depends heavily on the available information about production environment:


When is the information available? How relevant is the information? How easy is it to find the needed details? How clear are the facts displayed? How difficult is it to implement and maintain the software tool providing this support to production teams? Such questions guided COPA-DATA for the development of zenon Analyzer – the tool which enables Dynamic Production Reporting. Therefore, zenon Analyzer has been developed to support production teams to reach their goals quickly and easily.

zenon Analyzer

  • Connects to all relevant production data sources, e.g. production equipment or existing software applications
  • Uses the most recent data, in order to improve the reaction capabilities to deviation from targets
  • Supports analysis of historic process data, in order to identify the improvement potential
  • Provides production teams with KPIs, such as OEE calculation and reports on production efficiency, consumption management, breakdown analysis and so on
  • Gives easy access of the relevant information to the proper members of the production team
  • Makes reports usage interactive or allows the reports to be exported in Office formats, e.g. PDF, Excel, Word etc.


Integration of zenon Analyzer

How easy is it to integrate an application with zenon Analyzer? COPA-DATA follows the well-known philosophy of zenon. zenon Analyzer delivers ready-made and customizable report templates, which brings integration faster to the goal.


What the production team receives are high qualitative reports, with available mechanisms to focus the user´s attention. The filters on equipment, time, production entities or consumption media, together with the drill down and drill through mechanisms, enables the user to get exactly the information needed, including a top-down approach from overview to details.