Network Management with zenon, the Distribution Network Maestro

Network Management System required for complex distribution networks

A Distribution Management System (DMS) is required in order to manage an electrical network. A distribution network is subject to constant change. It is continually extended and adapted. Thus, a network cannot go unmanaged as this could lead to a permanent blackout. A network management system is required. The network management system must prevent any interruption to the energy supply or limit an interruption to as few customers as possible.


zenon – the Distribution Network...

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zenon – the Distribution Network Maestro

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What a DMS must be able to do?


A Distribution Management System requires interfaces with all areas it controls. It is necessary to properly map all switches in a network, including the ones that are not remotely controlled. In zenon, this challenge can be mastered with the function called “manual correction”.


An important advantage delivered by the DMS is how it simultaneously calculates the status of the network and provides additional information. For example, it can work out before switching whether an intervention will cause consumers to be without power or whether it will cause other network sections to be overloaded.


The DMS also needs interfaces to other systems for geo-information, customer data and the storage of data collected for further use by other systems. Thus, the DMS serves as an intersection or gateway for a variety of different information types.


When using a DMS, it’s important that it always provides visibility of the status of the network. The calculations necessary for this are carried out by a load flow module. These calculations can be used to derive functions that are necessary to monitor the network or to indicate the possible overloading of equipment during switching operations.


What does zenon have to do with distribution networks? And is it possible to turn an HMI/SCADA system into a fully-fledged DMS?


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