Simple Network Management Protocol

Simple Network Management Protocol

Network control with zenon

SNMP – the Simple Network Management Protocol – ensures that you have an overview and control of a network. Agents request the status of devices, report this to the SNMP manager and also intervene to control devices. zenon EE (Energy Edition) features its own SNMP driver and is therefore both an agent as well as a manager.


Therefore remote devices and unmanned stations can be properly controlled and managed. If zenon is active as a manager, it receives information from the agents about device names, types of data, authorizations, status, and so on. This information is displayed as variables and then processed.


zenon can also trigger an alarm if, for example, a critical value is obtained or it can even automatically intervene itself to control devices. Data can also be stored in archives, forwarded to other applications or presented visually, for example:

  • Does the device work without breaking down?
  • Which error has occurred? for example: too little storage space on a hard drive, archive must be stored, paper jam in the protocol printer, temperature exceeded etc.
  • Which ports of a switch are occupied?
  • How high is the server CPU temperature?


As well as zenon exercising control in its capacity as a manger, it also allows itself to be monitored as an agent by another component. If zenon, for example, is used in an unmanned substation as a control system, it is automatically given a role as an SNMP agent. If the application – for whatever reason – is ended, zenon automatically reports this status to its manager as an SNMP agent. This means: so long as no other report comes from the substation, zenon is performing its tasks there. If an error occurs, the maintenance personnel can react immediately.


You can find out more about SNMP and zenon in the article “The best network information - COPA-DATA know-how: SNMP with zenon”.


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