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Manage energy storage systems with zenon

Manage energy storage systems with zenon

zenon Energy Edition from COPA-DATA is used in energy storage systems to visualize live data, evaluate and report on archived measurement data, and to connect energy storage to the electrical grid. Benefit from quick project configuration, easy operation and maximum security.


Modern and economic energy storage management systems are becoming increasingly critical for renewable energy. In addition, having smart control of the systems can further improve efficiency. zenon Energy Edition offers you a wide range of functions for the management of energy storage systems. The scope of features ranges from project configuration, through visualization and reporting, to legally-compliant archiving.


Optimal connection to substations

zenon connects energy storage to the public grid via substation. It includes all major features such as command processing in accordance with IEC 61850. You can thus use zenon for energy storage management and substations in one SCADA application – without the need for a second system.


Complete network overview with the SCADA functionality of zenon

zenon offers a fully functional SCADA solution. The visualization provides a customizable, graphical display of the complete grid, from a full overview to the detailed analysis of individual components. zenon’s specialized functions within alarm management ensures maximum security.


Reports and trend analysis

At present, storage systems for electrical energy are usually new applications; operators are often in the learning phase. zenon supports this process with the powerful reporting tool. All processes and measured values are logged precisely and archived in a secure manner. You can generate reports, lists and trend analyses from the data and gain valuable insights into your energy storage systems.


Security is of uppermost priority

The SCADA functionalities for alarm management (such as alarm areas) allow quick reactions to problems and faults. Configured limit values trigger alarms which can, in turn, trigger automated reactions. The Message Control module starts a communication chain in the event of alarms. The on-call staff are notified by SMS, email or a text-to-speech call. If somebody cannot be reached, the system automatically informs the next person on the list. This ensures a rapid reaction in the event of problems.


From IEC 61850 to archiving

The zenon Software Platform supports all common communication protocols in the energy industry, such as IEC 61850, IEC 60870, DNP3 and others. . Additional functions include customizable visualizations, dynamic reporting, risk-free process simulations, legally-compliant archiving and much more.


To learn more about how to optimize your energy storage systems with zenon, contact us today.


zenon – Use in Energy Storage Systems

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zenon – Use in Energy  Storage Systems

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zenon Energy Edition Product Information

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