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Everywhere App by zenon

Everywhere App by zenon

The right Information
at the right time
in the right place

Have you already come across the Everywhere App by zenon? This App allows you to access current plant status, performance indicators, alarms or status messages from your mobile device, anytime and anywhere.

With this new-found flexibility in production, a fast reaction is achieved.

People at different production levels also need different types of information. With the Everywhere App by zenon and the Everywhere Server it is possible for you to define relevant data and receive it directly on your Smartphone - regardless of whether you use iOS or Microsoft Phone. And from any location at which you might be. That's how you can have your production under control!

This is how the Everywhere App by zenon can support you:

Within large areas the monitoring of all production cells tends to block valuable employees from performing other tasks in central control stations. Qualified employees can contribute to achieving a stable production particularly due to their on-site efforts. The maintenance team can act independently and flexibly with the Everywhere App by zenon and is kept fully informed by this modern technology.

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