Effective Production processes

in the F&B sector through excellent communication - a four stage plan.

If you need to meet the high demands of the F&B sector in terms of high quality and efficient production, the zenon network will serve you well. There are many reasons to install a network, above all to have a complete overview and an ability to react in real time.

zenon Network Technology

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zenon Network Technology

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  • zenon is already preinstalled on many machines as an HMI and can directly request data as a SCADA tool.
  • Over 300 connectors to the PLC allow zenon direct access to virtually all types of hardware, regardless of the HMI installed.
  • Open interfaces and standards allow data to be exchanged with the most varied applications
  • zenon runs everywhere, from the central control panel, through to PDAs, Windows CE Terminals or web servers

Networking that is well planned and implemented with the right software provides enormous opportunities. Four stages lead to fully optimized facilities:

  1. A comprehensive design concept
  2. Client/server architecture for a dynamic automation network
  3. Ensure the greatest amount of availability through easily-obtainable redundancy
  4. Optimization of the facility’s operation through horizontal transparency

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