In the ‘Cockpit’ of a Food & Beverage Plant: Real-time Key Performance Indicators with zenon

Reach your Business Goals

In modern plants the road to reaching ambitious business goals is done through “continuous improvement processes”. To improve your processes you need the correct information at the right time.


Discover potentials for improvement quickly and easily, while your production is running, and don’t waste precious time when you could be moving forward.

Emilian Axinia, Industry Manager F&B

on KPIs:

“zenon contains the complete set of functionalities for improving performance, with the support of key performance indicators, for any Food & Beverage production plant.”

What is the ‘Cockpit’ of a Food & Beverage Plant?

In the cockpit of a modern airplane the pilots need to have all of their important information displayed in one place – the cockpit. Many parameters need to be controlled to ensure a safe and economic flight.

When any of the many parameters are reaching their limits the pilot needs to be informed immediately and find the necessary information to react properly – without losing valuable time.


Is managing the production of a Food & Beverage plant any different? Like in an airplane there are many parameters which need to be monitored and be continually fine-tuned. Clear and timely information is a critical success factor.

With zenon you can easily create your ‘cockpit’ to control your plant and bring it to optimum performance. Don’t waste your time looking for the right information – instead, spend your time using the right information to improve your processes.

Start with zenon now! Read more in the Article “In the ‘Cockpit’ of a Food & Beverage Plant” which you can download as PDF.

Realtime Key Performance Indicators

IU Magazine Article

Realtime Key Performance Indicators

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What about your plant’s performance?

Are you convinced of how zenon can help you to reach your goals? Would you like to know how you can access the information you need in your plant using zenon?

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