Rollout of a
Line Management

Rollout of a
Line Management

zenon paves the way to greater success in the F&B industry

When it comes to large rollout projects international companies are often faced with the challenge of their individual locations being very different from one another: global distribution, differently developed production sites with diverse performance levels as well as automation levels make standardization difficult.


This article gives an example taken from a line management system with zenon – how the rollout relates to the automation and IT infrastructure and how it can be successfully implemented.

Food & Beverage Global Rollout...

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Food & Beverage Global Rollout Line Management System

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Pilot phase: Rich in experience

The question which this roll-out project team should first think about is: What exactly should be introduced anyway? Goal of the pilot phase should be to introduce practicable technological concepts which can lead to concrete advantages.

Rollout: Adaptable, cost efficient and compliant

After a successful pilot phase it is desirable to take on as many positive experiences as possible in the roll-out phase, in order to save time and costs. The basis for this is hardware and platform independence.

Continuous improvement and the freedom to drive great performance

Nothing should hinder a continuous improvement process and the expandability of a system. The openness of zenon allows for ongoing adaptations and enhancements. The F&B industry is shaped by rapid change which is why independence and flexibility are prerequisite for a long-term competitive advantage.