zenon Chameleon Technology

Skins promote better usability in Runtime

Some demands from project-engineers can only be met after much effort, for example:

  • Projects that should offer not only excellent automation but also meet corporate design requirements
  • Changes to the lighting environment where Runtime is used
  • Differentiating simulations from live processes at first glance 

Now this has changed: the COPA-DATA experts are delivering new possibilities in automation with central, switchable color palettes. 

zenon Chameleon Technology brings skins, familiar from consumer entertainment devices, to the panels of automation equipment. By using them, projects from several suppliers can be united into an umbrella project with a common look and feel. 


Operators with red-green visual impairments can simply use colors that they can easily recognize. Or, if the graphics on a panel are suddenly no longer clearly visible due to the glare of the midday sun, the user can switch to high-contrast colors. Plus, a simulation can run in completely different colors to the live application.


Skins make operation easier under difficult lighting conditions and ensure more security and higher productivity. However, they can also implement corporate design requirements with a few mouse clicks and thus make the engineering process quicker.


Download the Whitepaper to get more information!


And you can download pre-configured skins from the customer area as XML files.

zenon 6.50 Chameleon Technology

White Paper

zenon 6.50 Chameleon Technology

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