Cyber Security in the Pharmaceutical Industry


A new era of connectivity…

The introduction and wide scale adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) has meant that, day-by-day, the world is becoming continuously more connected. Those who are familiar with the term IIoT (or the Industrial Internet of Things) will know that this connectivity is not just limited to smart devices, but extends to entire buildings, cities and multi-site factories.

Industrial Security in the Pharmaceutical...

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Industrial Security in the Pharmaceutical Industry

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…presents new challenges...


For manufacturers, this new era of connectedness brings several challenges to the foreground. To take advantages of new technologies, all manufacturers will invest time, resources and money. But with cyber-crime within the Pharmaceutical sector on the rise, there is a widespread reluctance across the industry to invest in an innovation that could potentially put operations at risk. With a potential intrusion posing a threat to highly confidential insights (gained from research & development) and priceless data (from manufacturing) Pharmaceutical manufacturers must change the way they think about and approach cyber security.

…but even more opportunities!


With such an enormous opportunity for competitive advantage, bolstering cyber security must become more than just an afterthought for Pharmaceutical manufacturers.