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Pharmaceutical Equipment Management with zenon

Integrating buildings and auxiliary equipment in monitoring and produce more efficiently


Not only does zenon control, monitor and optimize the production process, but also the peripheral auxiliary equipment and buildings, because only with a perfectly functioning environment can the process itself be optimally run.

Building and auxiliary equipment...

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Building and auxiliary equipment management with zenon

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The quality of products in the pharmaceutical industry not only depends on optimum control of the production process but also on the performance of auxiliary equipment and the associated buildings with the focus being on energy, cooling water, compressed air or gas systems.


Integrate all technologies


Thanks to the various native drivers and industry protocols in zenon (such as OPC UA or BACnet), you can easily connect complex systems or existing equipment – even if your auxiliary equipment is composed of many different technologies or generations.


It allows you to keep track of the entire system and helps detect and understand interactions between the individual system parts. Its modular design and scalability support existing configurations, increase functionality, ensure hardware independence and ultimately provide better results.


Automated alarms


zenon's alarm administration ensures that the operators in charge are immediately informed about alarms and can respond to problems as quickly as possible. If there are irregularities in building management – e.g. during excessive energy consumption or differing temperatures – alarms are immediately generated, pre-filtered and the result is sent via e-mail, SMS, telephone or Voice over IP to the employee in charge that is working in the current shift. They can immediately respond and use the analysis to rectify errors or, if necessary, improve the configuration in building management.


Integrating clean rooms and other areas


Every area or individual process in the production company requires individually created parameters, whether they are for functionality, monitoring or data archiving. Because of this, equipment such as clean rooms are often not included in the monitoring and production's building management. With zenon, you can integrate all areas into a clear, fully regulated, complete system. It includes a chronological event list, test logs, alarms, archiving, user authorization, data export, reports and much more. The result: an improved presentation and analysis, a deeper understanding of the processes and the possibility of optimizing procedures throughout the entire factory.


Down with energy costs


Energy consumption in pharmaceutical manufacturing presents enormous potential for savings that is often not implemented. zenon can also be used as an Energy Data Management System (EDMS). With zenon as an energy data management system, you fulfill the requirements of ISO 50001 and not only analyze consumption data with respect to past consumption but also in real time. You can compare the energy consumption of buildings and auxiliary equipment with the data from production and check the energy efficiency of the processes. By doing so, you detect potential for savings and decrease costs.


Trouble-free compliance


Pharmaceutical manufacturers in particular need to meet strict requirements and are subject to a painstaking documentation and supervision obligation. This also relates to clean rooms or other rooms that, for example, must have a certain temperature or air humidity. zenon makes efficient compliance possible: For instance, applications with zenon meet international regulations such as FDA 21 Part 11 or EU Annex 11. Furthermore, zenon is configurable and therefore meets the requirements of GAMP 5 Software Category 4. Configurable systems are very robust, increase process quality and reduce the risk of errors, which makes standards-compliant validation and qualification of the automation systems as easy and efficient as possible and cuts costs and effort.