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Quality Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Optimizing quality assurance and reporting in the pharmaceutical industry with zenon


Hardly any other industry has such high requirements for the quality of products and processes as the pharmaceutical industry. zenon standardizes data from various sources and helps you meet these requirements with sophisticated reports and analyses.

Quality assurance with tailor-made...

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Quality assurance with tailor-made reports

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zenon offers key functions for monitoring processes and product quality. The main contributing factor for this are the reports, which are available in real time, are customized for specific needs, and are based on validated data.


Efficient data recording


Particularly in the pharmaceutical industry, process-related data is often still gathered manually on paper and afterwards recorded in data archiving, which is very time-consuming and leads to writing, reading and entry errors. zenon puts an end to all that because you can enter locally gathered data directly into the system via a mobile device or stationary terminal. Data is displayed in real time and is immediately archived.


In batch production, the initial results on the production run are already available during the process; you will receive complete reports immediately after the process has ended, saving time and increasing data quality. As a result, products from the batch will arrive to market quicker, which saves additional costs.


Tailor-made reports


Production data that is relevant for quality assurance can be assessed and analyzed in reports in a variety of ways. This increases transparency and serves as a basis for future decisions. If you wish to change report templates, you simply select data with zenon and insert it with drag & drop. Furthermore, you can easily change and amend the content, format and layout of reports or you can create completely new reports.


zenon provides you with more than just batch reports. Once the data is in the system, numerous analyses and statistics are provided by zenon as needed. The system provides key figures such as overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), review by exception (RBE) or failure probability (MTBF, MTTF).


Data homogeneity is the goal


Different hardware, measurement technology, and monitoring systems in existing equipment can be integrated with zenon. You can connect nearly any industrial system thanks to the numerous drivers. Irrespective of whether it's pre-existing or new and no matter which manufacturer, zenon supports standard protocols such as OPC UA, OPC DA, MODBUS and PROFIBUS, among others. As a result, you create efficient and homogeneous data management in only one system.


Manually and automatically recorded data


Even existing manual and automatic processes are recorded by zenon in parallel, transferred to a homogeneous system and analyzed. For example, this improves the accuracy of timestamps, which was previously difficult in manual processes. The flow of data is standardized, automated and placed in a linear time reference throughout the entire production. Manual processes become simpler and more secure, e.g. via integrated instructions to operating staff or recording data via a mobile device. As a result, all processes - whether they are manual, automatic or semi-automatic and whether they are for monitoring, cleaning or maintenance - are comparable and can be integrated into the reporting, thereby creating a unique, consistent database that you can exploit to optimize your processes.