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Engineering as a profit generator

Engineering as a profit generator

in Food & Beverage Manufacturing

Food & Beverage Production lines must generally be very flexible and make do with tightly calculated budgets. Engineering often has to orientate itself to tight timescales. However, even in this context Engineering can be a potential profit generator.


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Quality and speed of engineering have a direct effect on project costs and the quality of a production facility. zenon can, in a few steps, modify, expand and modernize your projects. New functions can be implemented in a short time. And you don’t usually require the work of external specialists, because learning how to use zenon is quick and straight-forward.


Emilian Axinia, in his white paper “Benefit from Simple and Efficient Engineering in Food & Beverage Manufacturing”, examines four examples from practice to illustrate how clear and compact engineering is supported by zenon.


Primarily, zenon has five attributes that make it the perfect tool for profitable engineering:

  1. Instead of programming, zenon is configured by setting parameters and, because of this, it can be learnt quickly and rapidly put to profitable use.
  2. No programming means safer, more reliable automation and increased availability of equipment.
  3. zenon considerably reduces development time thanks to object orientation, high usability and many ‘out of the box’ functions.
  4. zenon applications are easy to expand and provide Food & Beverage production plants with the flexibility they require.
  5. zenon makes it possible to quickly and cost effectively upgrade or enhance control and analytical Automation solutions.

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