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Automation software for a secure and sustainable energy supply

Intelligent and Secure System Operation

Population growth in our cities is putting stable energy supply to the test. Securing an uninterrupted energy supply will prove to be a challenge as the number of urban dwellers continue to increase in smart cities. In addition, decentralized infrastructures in which consumers also act as producers will pose a challenge for network reliability.


The zenon Software Platform from COPA-DATA ensures a smooth and efficient energy supply for cities, municipalities, or regions. Whether it is for smart grids, municipal enterprises, hydropower plants, wind farms, photovoltaic systems or substations, zenon provides an integrated environment for all applications. In addition, zenon supports all major protocols such as IEC 61850, IEC 60870, and DNP3, allowing for seamless integration into existing control stations and systems. With zenon, your power supply uses a single control system to provide rapid integration with existing facilities, intuitive operation, and maximum security.



zenon for smart grids

As a distribution management system (DMS), zenon provides SCADA solutions in monitoring and controlling energy grids. It can also serve as a control system in the substation, a process visualization platform in the control room, or a gateway to higher-level systems. From configuring a project, through visualization, to reporting and legally-compliant archiving, zenon offers a wide range of applications that enable a smart grid and make operations secure, stable and efficient. Cities and regions can ensure a stable and reliable power supply for people, businesses and organizations.


zenon for renewables

zenon is used for monitoring, controlling and optimizing the equipment that generates renewable energy. With zenon, you can control a variety of renewable energy sources including hydro power plants, wind parks, and photovoltaic power plants. You can also combine several items of distributed equipment into one system. The simplification of operation that zenon provides, reduces costs, increases productivity, and guarantees a consistent and green power supply for your city.


zenon for energy storage

Energy storage systems are generally new applications. Often, operators are learning how to optimize their use. zenon connects energy storage systems to the grid. The software platform visualizes live data, evaluates and reports on archived measurement data, and connects energy storage to the electrical grid.


Operations of manned and unmanned systems 

zenon enables the safe operation of manned and unmanned energy systems. The Interlocking and the Command Sequencer features minimize the risk of operating errors. A sophisticated user management system precisely defines roles and authorizations, ensuring optimum security. Operators have full control over their settings using zenon's customizable user interface, and can find their saved preferences next time they log in.


In the event of an issue, unmanned control rooms with zenon can also quickly inform the on-call staff of any problems via SMS, email, or text-to-speech call using Message Control. This feature eliminates the need for manned control rooms reducing your overall operating costs.


Full visibility into the grid

With zenon, you get a complete overview of your facility while also having the ability to view more precise facility details. The zenon Worldview allows you to zoom in and out of a geographic image of the facility. This zoom-in function automatically scales to display pertinent image details using a “decluttering” technique – a method for high readability. zenon also features an option for combining data from geographic information systems (GIS) in your zenon visualization. This enables users to visualize power grids in a geographical map format. Current statuses, such as alarms, are shown directly on the map. Users can localize states and events more easily and accurately, and handle alarms more efficiently.


Alarming and automated processes

zenon generates alarms that can trigger automated responses and processes when saved values such as line frequency are exceeded or undershot. This allows standby personnel to quickly identify the location of errors and respond rapidly to the situation.


Chronological logging and comprehensive reporting

zenon logs events and measured values to create a complete data archive. This archive gives you a reliable basis for making informed operational decisions. 


Our zenon Software Platform also provides a comprehensive set of templates for reporting. In a minimal amount of time, you can create informative reports for facilities and can automatically be shared with your colleagues.


Analyzing network errors with Process Recorder

The zenon Process Recorder chronologically displays recorded events, measured values, and trends directly in the process image. This data allows you to quickly review past system states and identify affected areas in the event of an error. In addition, you can easily determine the exact time that a problem occurred and enter it into the stipulated fault register.


Secure, open communication

The zenon Software Platform features a range of drivers for energy (IEC 60870, IEC 61850, DNP3, etc.) and process automation (Siemens S7, Allen-Bradley, OPC UA, Modbus, etc.). The variety of drivers allows you to connect all the subsections of a power plant directly using one tool – without the need for an external protocol converter.


COPA-DATA: Delivering smart solutions in energy

From monitoring operations to making informed decisions, zenon supports every aspect of today’s energy industry through the seamless connection, precise monitoring, and optimization of data from your daily operations. To learn more about COPA-DATA and how zenon can help increase the value, capabilities, and security of your organization, contact us today.


zenon for a Secure and Sustainable Energy Supply

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