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Automation software for traffic and public transportation

Guaranteed mobility with automated processes

The quality of life in a Smart City rises and falls with the public transportation that is available. As urbanization advances, mobility in cities forms a central theme and is an important driving force for growth and progress. Intelligent traffic planning, the expansion of local transportation, and the optimal networking of all road users are the characteristics of a smart city.


The zenon Software Platform from COPA-DATA provides a reliable and flexible software solution for the monitoring, control, and maintenance of public transportation and traffic flow at your fingertips. Used as a central process control system, it monitors and controls the components necessary for running the services, such as digital displays on motorways, ventilation in tunnel systems, lights on airport runways, and much more. As an energy data management system (EDMS), it also ensures the sustainable use of energy resources throughout the traffic network. Through automated processes and alert escalation chains, the zenon Software Platform minimizes errors and helps operating personnel to respond promptly to incidents.



zenon for railways, airports and road networks

With zenon, public transportation and traffic can be optimally controlled and maintained. The software platform is useful for the automation of substations in rail traffic as well as the control of tunnel backup systems. In addition, zenon offers SCADA functionalities for public transportation control rooms. Comprehensive reporting possibilities support energy management in transportation – such as for airports or underground railways – and thus ensure sustainable use of the resources of water and energy.


zenon for tunnel systems

An important area where zenon is used is the monitoring of assistance systems in road or rail tunnels, such as emergency power supply or fire alarm systems for example. zenon is an open system that can integrate different technologies and third-party systems without further interfaces. You can read in data from various sources with zenon, including emergency power equipment, camera systems, lighting, intercoms, and fire alarms.


Monitor anytime from anywhere

zenon enables both full and partially automated operations. Native apps for smartphones operating on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and HTML5-based solutions enable mobile monitoring of your systems at any time and any place. Operating personnel in the control room can use the zenon Worldview function to monitor large-scale traffic infrastructures. The zoom-in function can provide a detailed view of the operations.


Operations of crewed and uncrewed control rooms 

With zenon, you can easily and securely control any equipment of infrastructure. A web server enables remote access and remote monitoring. The user administration allows you to allocate the appropriate access rights to each user. Uncrewed control rooms can quickly inform the oncall service personnel of any problems via automated SMS, e-mail, or text-to-speech call. If the first person cannot be reached, zenon informs the next person in the escalation chain. You don't need any permanent control room personnel and will stay fully informed via messages from the system.


Alarming administration 

zenon can automate the measurement of air quality, outside temperature, and other parameters using sensors. When values such as fine dust and nitrogen oxides (NOx) exceed the preset limits, the automated response will alarm, so you can respond promptly to harmful environmental influences.


Easy integration

As an open platform, zenon supports a wide range of communication protocols as well as the integration of ActiveX, .NET, and WPF controls. In addition, the documented API interface seamlessly integrates third-party systems into the overall solution.


Predictive traffic flow management

Increased traffic volume or problematic traffic-light sequences can cause traffic to slow down or bring it to a standstill. zenon helps you achieve reliable traffic flow measurement and control. This is the basis for a comprehensive traffic control system and, in turn, a less congested city.


Energy data management

As an energy data management system (EDMS), zenon can automate the recording of energy consumption data such as electricity, gas, and water. This data can be used to identify and achieve potential savings. You can reduce costs and ensure sustainability throughout the entire transportation network – whether at airports, in tunnel systems, in rail transportation, or in road traffic. zenon provides the basis for deciding on the correct actions by automatically collecting and analyzing energy data, while also complying with the requirements and standards of ISO 50001


Complete logging and documentation

zenon features a reliable archiving system, an integrated trend module, and an easy-to-use reporting function that offers a customized view of historical data. Full logging provides you with all necessary data for decision making and ongoing optimization. In addition, you will benefit from fully automated electronic documentation – so there's no need for manual or paper checklists.


COPA-DATA: Delivering smart solutions in transportation

From monitoring operations to making informed decisions, zenon supports every aspect of today’s transportation industry through the seamless connection, precise monitoring, and optimization of data from your daily operations. To learn more about COPA-DATA and how zenon can help increase the value, capabilities, and security of your organization, contact us today.


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