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Automation software for smart buildings

Sustainable, secure and smart building automation

Intelligent buildings are characterized by the fact that many components of the building are automated and integrated into a single interface ensuring that building technology is used efficiently. Public properties such as office buildings, hotels, railway stations, hospitals, schools, museums, and airports often have high energy-saving potential.


With the zenon Software Platform from COPA-DATA, buildings are made more intelligent and can direct traffic and visitor flows efficiently, detect problems at an early stage, and prevent unauthorized access. If you are looking to plan and modernize a property with zenon, you will benefit from the rapid project development, high energy savings, simple operation, and maximum reliability.



zenon for old and new buildings

zenon can bring intelligent building control to new builds as well as existing properties. The software platform enables the efficient control of elevators, heating and cooling, lighting, water, and energy. 


For older buildings, there is no need to completely renovate the infrastructure. zenon supports the seamless integration of existing infrastructures into a new central building control system. As an intelligent energy data management system (EDMS), zenon can help reduce energy consumption by a double-digit percentage while complying with the requirements and standards of ISO 50001


Optimize room lighting and external shades

zenon automatically controls lighting levels in a room based on a variety of factors including solar radiation and room occupancy plans. This automated lighting control helps reduce energy waste across your building.


In addition to room lighting automation, the zenon Software Platform can also automatically raise or lower external window shades based on weather conditions. This feature allows buildings to reduce energy costs and minimize repair costs incurred when extreme weather events damage external shades.


Control heating and cooling

zenon uses sensors to measure indoor and outdoor temperatures in order to inform and control heating and air conditioning systems in rooms. By automatically regulating temperature and heating cycles, zenon helps to maximize energy-saving potential.


Avoid operating errors

In building technology, operating errors can instantly cause high consequential damage. With its comprehensive visualization features, zenon provides an excellent overview of building technology. Common workflows can be automated quickly and easily – without needing any knowledge of programming.


Early detection of problems

zenon empowers you to keep building technology under control with a number of useful functions. These functions include asset and alarm administration, real-time access to important operating data, and alarm messages in real time. You can view this data around the clock and while you’re on the go via smartphones and tablets.


Error-free documentation

Documentation using paper checklists and reports are time consuming and error-prone. zenon eliminates the need for manual documentation by logging processes and measuring values with a timestamp. This data is then archived in compliance with legal requirements. You can generate reports, lists, and trend analyses from the data and make informed decisions.


Efficient building access monitoring 

Your can prevent property damage and theft in your buildings with the help of zenon. The zenon Software Platform allows you to integrate surveillance cameras, store alarm plans, and implement efficient access controls.


Intelligent routing of passenger and traffic flows

Lack of visibility of parking spaces or lines at building entrances can have a negative impact on facility operators and event organizers. zenon helps avoid these scenarios by automating flow measurement and analysis, traffic control, and visitor flow management.


COPA-DATA: Delivering smart solutions in building automation

From monitoring operations to making smart decisions, zenon supports every aspect of today’s building automation industry through the seamless connection, precise monitoring, and optimization of data from your daily operations. To learn more about COPA-DATA and how zenon can help increase the value, capabilities, and security of your organization, contact us today.


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