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AGH University of Krakow opens zenon Energy Lab

AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow has been part of the COPA-DATA Partner Community since December 2018. The higher education institution is now opening its own zenon Energy Lab. COPA-DATA is providing the computer equipment and zenon Energy Edition teaching licenses for the lab with the aim of giving students hands-on experience of the zenon software platform.

As one of Poland’s premier universities and with state-of-the-art facilities, AGH Krakow is continually developing the degree programs it offers. “New degree courses provide students with access to the latest technology and knowledge that will be useful when working on modern systems at their future workplaces,” states dr hab. inż., prof. Andrzej Bień of AGH University. As an educational institution member of the COPA-DATA Partner Community, the university benefits from the direct exchange of knowledge with the developer of the zenon software platform.


A blossoming partnership


In 2018, the partnership was agreed to train the next generation of electrical engineers, helping them to get hands-on experience of the zenon software platform. The construction of the zenon Energy Lab is a further step forward in the partnership between COPA-DATA and AGH University.


“After receiving the proposal to set up our own zenon lab at the university, we didn’t hesitate. After discussion with Alexander Punzenberger, we quickly green-lighted the project. The next step was to equip the lab with a state-of-the-art computer, as well as the latest zenon Energy Edition licenses for research projects and didactic classes,” explains Tomasz Papaj, Sales and Technical Director at COPA-DATA Poland.


The future of the zenon Energy Lab


Students will now be given the opportunity to become familiar with this independent industrial software used worldwide for automation in a variety of applications. When teaching with zenon, the university will focus on the digitalization of the energy industry. "We are confident that – thanks to this partnership – many interesting projects will emerge that will help to grow the market for renewable energies in Poland and improve the climate in the long term," says Tomasz Papaj.


In the future, there are plans to connect the zenon Energy Lab to a test bench that was built as part of the ERA-NET RELFlex project. This project aims to develop, test and evaluate new solutions in the field of renewable energies with load flexibility in small industry. In addition, the first engineering and master's theses using zenon Energy Edition have already been submitted.


Dr hab. inż., prof. Andrzej Bień of AGH University Krakow and Tomasz Papaj from COPA-DATA (from left) look forward to a successful partnership.


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