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COPA-DATA Saudi Arabia: new subsidiary in the Middle East

In the Middle East, COPA-DATA’s zenon software platform has become firmly established as the standard software for digitalization and automation in the energy and utility sectors. To strengthen market coverage in the region, COPA-DATA CEE/ME has now founded a permanent branch office in Saudi Arabia.

Companies on all continents use COPA-DATA’s zenon software platform to digitalize and automate machines and plant for discrete and process production as well as power generation and energy distribution. In Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East, COPA-DATA CEE/ME takes care of sales and customer support. In mid-2020, the sales organization founded a direct subsidiary, COPA-DATA Saudi Arabia, to better serve the fast-growing Arabian market.


Closer to customers

In 2003, COPA-DATA established first contacts with companies in the Middle East. zenon has since become firmly established in the oil and gas process industry, in water desalination and in the energy sector, including renewable energy from, for examples, photovoltaic systems. This is thanks in part to the software platform’s approval by Saudi Arabian energy supplier Saudi Aramco and power grid operator Saudi National Grid. The market continues to grow fast, with great potential in the continued automation of power generation and distribution installations.


As COPA-DATA Saudi Arabia is destined to be the central hub for the entire Arabic region, its Managing Director is Alexander Punzenberger, President of COPA-DATA CEE/ME. This new subsidiary allows COPA-DATA to act as a supplier with regional competence and to focus on value creation in this prosperous market.


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