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Global Power Technologies joins the COPA-DATA Partner Community

GPT, a US-based expert in energy management for datacenter and industrial applications, is welcomed to the COPA-DATA Partner Community as a Registered Partner. Its partnership with COPA-DATA calls for enhancing collaboration in automation projects and growing together.

“Global Power Technologies (GPT) is excited to become a COPA-DATA partner, and we look forward to growing our services together utilizing zenon SCADA as a leading edge solution for Comprehensive Power Monitoring and Control Systems (PMCS), "says Nasser Hamdan, Partner, Business Development, CEM at GPT. "Our immediate goal is to find suitable customer(s) this year and get our first zenon deployment on the way to success."




With more than 20 years of experience with Fortune 100 companies, GPT provides custom energy management solutions including power quality audits, energy management system design and implementation, and onsite start-up and commissioning services. It strives to become a global leader in comprehensive monitoring and control systems for critical facilities promoting energy and resource conservation. “The automation of the projects will drive standardization and consistency across the builds. The advanced reporting aspect of zenon Analyzer will help our customers understand where they can improve. New technologies like cloud integration enable new path that were unavailable before,” says GPT Senior Engineer Nicolas Vander Stricht.


“COPA-DATA USA is looking forward to working with GPT on providing tailor-made and innovative solutions to the customers,“ says Rainer Michelis, Managing Director at COPA-DATA USA. “I am excited to bring our partnership to a new level and explore the possibilities of zenon in automating energy management.” “With zenon, GPT saves a lot of time during commissioning of projects and can provide a flexible solution for heterogeneous hardware landscapes to monitor and control power in data-centers,” explains Bernhard Korten, COPA-DATA International Sales Manager. “We look forward to seeing GPT again at the Global Partner Academy 2018 in June in Vienna, Austria.”


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