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Professional Energy Management with ISO 50001 and zenon

The advantages that a sophisticated Energy Management strategy offers manufacturing companies are quite obvious: those who save energy and conserve resources contribute to protecting the environment, propagate a sustainable business approach and thus enjoy an improved image. When tackled professionally, with clear guidance and the right tools, it often becomes quickly apparent that a lot of money can also be saved.

Production teams who are responsible for implementing an Energy Management System in their company are often confronted with an abundance of questions to start with: Where should one start? What can one expect of such a system? Which factors should one consider? How can data be collected from the entire equipment infrastructure? Which people should be involved?

The guidelines: ISO 50001

The international standard ISO 50001 provides answers to the question "What should an Energy Management System do?" and supports production teams with such an implementation. The goal is to achieve a general framework in the company for a continuous improvement process for its energy and resource consumption. The standard is based on the so-called PDCA cycle. Here, P stands for "Plan", D for "Do", C for "Check" and A for "Act".

The tool: zenon

A prerequisite for the implementation of a professional Energy Management system, according to ISO 50001, is to have access to the company consumption and production data. This needs to be collected, recorded, measured, analyzed and finally processed into information. The core instrument for this is an Energy Data Management System (EDMS) which encompasses all hardware and software components – from energy consumption meters, right up to software reports. zenon offers the ideal prerequisites for acquiring and analyzing energy and other consumption data and thereby supports production companies in becoming ISO 50001 certified.

Find out more about the Energy Management standard of the future and how you can implement an Energy Data Management System with zenon.