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Release 9.3 of the straton software is now available

The new release of our industrial automation software straton is now available. This release supports IEC 61850 Edition 2 and includes improvements to the straton Editor and new project management tools.

In 2019, most companies are working with service providers around the world. This makes it possible to develop specific projects and to take advantage of the diversity of everyone's skills. Nevertheless, sometimes the development of automation projects requires greater attention to the modifications made and clear communication between the different teams. This is an observation we make for most of our customers, and it is why we have decided to develop tools that help working in a team serenely for all straton software users.


Automation of energy infrastructures


Specialized in the development of industrial controllers dedicated to the energy market, we affirm our position by supporting the IEC 61850 Edition 2 communication protocol.


Electrical energy is at the heart of our society. Its reliable supply from electric utilities via a complex grid requires transparent control. In order to provide a standardized framework for the automation of energy infrastructure, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has introduced the IEC 61850 standard for electrical networks, which is now emerging as a global communication standard for substation automation.


The IEC 61850 Edition 2 standard proposes to increase the level of communication consistency by specifying network redundancy. It is also expanding its horizons from substation automation systems to other application areas.


Displaying the different versions of a project


Most of the players in the industrial automation market work in teams. We had already promoted the sharing and exchange of information in teamwork by providing a wide range of communication protocols. We also offered a program conversion option that allows you to translate the desired application into the chosen programming language in a few clicks.


Now, thanks to the straton GIT tool, it is possible to visualize different versions of the same project and all the elements it contains.



Online Projects


Some projects are developed to be accessible and editable from any web browser. This configuration can be very useful when the PLC is located in a difficult to access area, or is geographically far from its operator.


Thanks to project design tools dedicated to the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), our straton software can now communicate constantly with its web interface. The user can access and/or modify variables of his project in real time.



Editor improvements


In order to improve user comfort, we have made many improvements to our straton Editor. More intuitive and flexible, the straton Editor will allow, among other things, to group/ungroup lines of code. This option can be very useful when reading a multilingual program.


The new release 9.3 of the straton software also includes the DIFF TOOL tool, which will allow you to compare different projects, even if the project is written in a two-dimensional language. This new option highlights changes made by the user.


You can download straton 9.3 new release or contact our team to learn more about the new release of our software.