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Tech Announcement

Windows updates issues resolved

We can confirm that the following Microsoft Patches resolve communication problems with zenon. All initially reported issues have been resolved and updated versions of the January 3rd security updates have been released.


KB4057401 resolves KB4056895 and KB4056898 - Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard
KB4057401 resolves KB4056898 - Windows 8.1. for x64-based Systems


KB4057144 resolves KB4056891 - Windows 10 Version 1703 for x64-based Systems
KB4075199 resolves KB4056893 - Windows 10 Version Enterprise
KB4075200 resolves KB4056888 - Windows 10 Version 1511
KB4073291 resolves KB4056892 - Windows 10 Version 1709


KB4057402 resolves KB4056896 - Windows Server 2012 Standard
KB4057142 resolves KB4056890 - Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10 1607


Please note:

COPA-DATA is applying continuous Windows patch testing in the context of the zenon Product Family to recognize problems at a very early stage. Beside these activities, COPA-DATA generally recommends to test any OS updates before applying these to productive systems.


Download the full Tech Announcement (closing of issue) below and don't hesitate to get in touch for further information.