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Texas Instruments Turns to the Automation Experts at COPA-DATA

zenon, compatible with Windows 8, offered Texas Instruments the reliable performance, enhanced archiving abilities, and complete system redundancy their RFAB facility required.

In 2009, Texas Instruments, driven by its commitment to satisfy the continued need for analog chipsets, opened its latest chipset fabrication facility in Richardson, Texas. The Richardson fabrication facility (RFAB) is a 1.1 million square foot, marvel of economic and environmental sustainability, capable of producing 5 billion dollars worth of analog chips yearly. Kevin Ritchie, Senior VP of Technology and Manufacturing at TI explains that “In analog production processes create differentiation.” So when it came to integrating the facilities and plant processes that support manufacturing, TI turned to an industry leader in the field - COPA-DATA.

Reliable Performance, Enhanced Archiving, System Redundancy

When TI found that their original SCADA software was unable to handle the unique needs of the RFAB facility, Scott Ragland, TI controls engineer was tasked with finding a product that could meet the unique challenges and demands of the RFAB facility. Scott found the solution to his problems in zenon, our HMI/SCADA software. zenon, compatible with Windows 8, offered TI the reliable performance, enhanced archiving abilities, and complete system redundancy the RFAB facility required.

Simple Conversion thanks to zenon Wizard

While TI realized and appreciated the enhanced features and functionality zenon offered, the question of how to implement an enhanced SCADA product into the 1.1 million sq ft facility remained. With zenon’s open architecture coupled with the experienced engineers at TI and COPA-DATA, a conversion wizard was developed and for the most part automatically converted one of the largest installations of its kind in North America to zenon. With the use of VSTA (Microsoft’s Visual Studio Tools for Applications) all the plant’s faceplates, alarms and data blocks were created to have the look and feel of the former installation. This allowed TI to take advantage of all of zenon’s advanced features without any system downtime.

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