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10 years of COPA-DATA Poland

The zenon software platform for industrial and energy automation has made COPA-DATA a successful global player in these fields. An important share of the international success comes from Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Of this, a significant contribution is made by COPA-DATA Polska Sp. z o.o., the subsidiary in Kraków, which was established 10 years ago.

Companies on all continents use the zenon software platform from COPA-DATA to digitalize and automate machines and plants for discrete and process production as well as power generation and energy distribution. Since 2009, COPA-DATA CEE/ME has been taking care of sales and customer support in Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East. As Poland is recognized as a regional economic leader within Central Europe, COPA-DATA CEE/ME established its first foreign subsidiary there. Founded in 2010 in Kraków, it celebrates its tenth anniversary in this year.


Unlimited growth potential

“In my market research, Poland proved to be the best choice for our first foreign subsidiary in the region,” says Alexander Punzenberger, co-founder of COPA-DATA and President of COPA-DATA CEE/ME. “The country has been enjoying dynamic growth, investing heavily in energy and infrastructure utilities as well as industrial automation.”


Strong market position in Poland

Since the company was established in Poland it has been managed by Urszula Bizoń-Żaba, currently managing director and proxy of COPA-DATA Polska Sp. z o.o.. Together with a team of six, she grown the company’s operations in Poland  which currently generates as much as 20 percent of total COPA-DATA CEE/ME revenues. The employee with over 9 years of experience, who has successfully created and developed sales structures and cooperation with research centers is the current sales and technical director, Tomasz Papaj.


During 10 years COPA-DATA Polska has established a strong competitive position with zenon, ranking third among comparable automation and visualization software. zenon Software Platform is used to control many of Poland’s power generation and distribution installations as well as leading-brand cement, paper, beer and vodka production facilities. We also strongly support education. We cooperate with many universities, and our partner since 2018 is the AGH University of Science and Technology, with which we jointly established the zenon Energy Lab, equipped with zenon educational licenses and modern computers funded by COPA-DATA. The companies associated in the COPA-DATA Partner Community partnership program and several dozen engineering offices cooperating with us for end customers also contributed to the popularization of the brand.