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“Growing Together” – the motto for more than 200 partners

We are proud of our worldwide partner network, where our long-term partners are continually joined by new partners. With mutual trust and commitment, we have been fortunate enough to create a strong and vibrant global partnership landscape. Now, at the beginning of June, we have reached another milestone – the 200th partner has joined the COPA-DATA Partner Community (CDPC).

Growth in Established and New Markets

Since the beginning of 2017, we have had the honour to welcome a high number of new partners. Some of them in already established markets like Poland, Germany or Austria, and some in new regions – such as the first official member of the COPA-DATA Partner Community in Australia! We are very pleased to welcome “Jarrah Solutions” as our 200th partner.


In the CEE/ME region the number of partners has already increased to 44 since the introduction of the CDPC back in fall 2011. In Germany we have 30 partners and in Switzerland 17 partners, all delivering world-class industrial automation solutions with our software system zenon. And it keeps on growing: further new markets such as Brazil, South Africa, and Vietnam are getting started with building up a strong local partner ecosystem. But it’s not all about numbers! At COPA-DATA, we place strong emphasis on the competence level and experience of all our partners and therefore require zenon certification right from start.


Partner #200

Jarrah Solutions is an electrical engineering and technology company established to provide elegant solutions to the changing needs of customers. They have depth in the development and implementation of intelligent power system solutions. Their experience includes leading edge technologies like substation digital protection described in the international standard IEC 61850 and involvement in a range of Smart Grid technologies and the development of software to integrate these into power system operations. Furthermore, they have strong capability in cyber security which is essential for the deployment of many of these new technologies.


200 companies enjoy many benefits

The COPA-DATA Partner Community is a network of highly dedicated and motivated zenon experts. Our partners always start as Registered Partners. Already on this entry level, they profit from numerous benefits like technical & sales support, discounts, customer lead generation, joint marketing, participation in the COPA-DATA Global Partner Academy, proactive and partner-exclusive information and much more! With increasing knowledge and engagement, our partners have the option to upgrade to Qualified or Expert Partner Level. Whatever your level, the essence stays the same: the competence of our partners is the key to success.


Interested in becoming a member or upgrading your partner status? Visit the partner area on our website or write an e-mail to: