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HMI 4.0: zenon part of innovative project from Fraunhofer IAO

What will human-machine interfaces (HMIs) look like in the future? And how can specialists themselves feed their expertise into systems by means of user-generated operational aids? We too are contributing to the cross-industry collaboration “HMI 4.0”, from the Fraunhofer Institute of Labor Economics and Organization (IAO), with our comprehensive knowledge about HMIs with zenon.

In a trend study Fraunhofer IAO offers information on ergonomic HMI design of the future. Social media, interaction and recognition technology are to be integrated. Project Manager, Dr. Matthias Peissner from Fraunhofer IAO explains: “In the future the meaning of HMIs will go over and beyond pure monitoring and operation. HMIs will also become a platform for the team where cooperative decisions, knowledge building and problem solving can take place. We are developing tailor-made approaches in the innovation network HMI 4.0.”

A collaboration for user-generated operational aids

The joint HMI 4.0 project was established after the study and is taking place from fall 2014 until May 2016. Companies that work with complex production equipment such as machine manufacturers as well as software and technology corporations like us are on board. Together we are developing in how far, in times of Industry 4.0, operation aids which are generated by the user himself, can be implemented in HMIs of the future.

Uncovering a world-wide key problem

“Dealing with malfunctions is crucial for efficient production plants,” Dr. Peissner asserts. Often only a limited number of employees have the know-how to quickly and successfully repair a fault. We are tracking down this cross-industry issue of improving knowledge management together with the other participants of the HMI 4.0 project and the institute. The goal of HMI 4.0: Knowledge within a company should be stored and distributed in a simpler and more reliable way.

Prototypes based on zenon lead the way

Firstly innovative concepts and solutions will be conceived. In the second part of the project concrete prototypes in reference to specific use cases will be developed. Here, zenon supports as a basis for the development of interactive and motivational HMI operational aids. “For us, COPA-DATA is an important member of the team. With the advancement of zenon the acquired solutions are finding quick and effective use in practical applications,” says Dr. Peissner regarding further steps for the scientific project.

Find out more on the Fraunhofer IAO website.