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IU Magazine is moving Industrial Security into the spotlight

In the new issue of our customer magazine Information Unlimited we are going on the trails of security concepts in the industrial manufacturing environment. Why should automation engineers take security so seriously anyway? What exactly should be protected and, above all, how? Find out more about the top security deficiencies and which precautions you can take.

Manufacturing companies that want to stay competitive in the long term are increasingly forced to completely network their equipment, processes and data to one another. In the future, company-wide, cross-site energy and quality management will be able to determine successes just as self-organizing production systems can. What is quite certain is this will cause potential loopholes and barn doors will open up when it comes to security within a company.

The production level is being opened to the outside to a greater extent and at a faster pace than ever before. On the one hand, preparation for the Smart Factory of Industry 4.0 requires direct communication with different areas of the company, and even beyond company limits. On the other hand, managers want reports, key figures and even access to the SCADA level via mobile devices, in real-time if possible. A massive challenge for those involved in automation: Areas that were previously isolated from outside need to be opened up. That sounds like an ever increasing risk. And it is, if communication channels are barely secured or only secured with standard measures.

The new IU issue highlights the risks you need to consider when it comes to security in automation and which measures are recommended in order to protect your company from unauthorized data access, data loss/manipulation, espionage or cybercrime.

Apart from Industrial Security there are many other exciting topics in store for you in the new Information Unlimited. For example, find out how you can save time and money with an ergonomic alarm management or a sophisticated early warning system, how you can securely save your data in the cloud, which untapped potentials you can discover with Big Data analyses, or how you can simply assign a once perfectly set up line management system to further production or packaging lines.

Enjoy browsing through the new Information Unlimited!
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