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OMAC PackML and OPC UA: Experience the advantages of standards with zenon

At OMAC's booth at this year's PackExpo International in Chicago, USA, COPA-DATA demonstrated how heterogeneous production equipment can be brought together into a central Line Management System by means of OMAC PackML and OPC UA standards.

A demo was presented at the OMAC booth where leading companies, such as B&R, Bosch Rexroth, FESTO and Siemens featured exhibited their automation solutions based on the OMAC PackML standard and the OPC UA protocol. As a supervisory control system, our zenon software supplied the general monitoring and performance calculations of the entire heterogeneous equipment. Furthermore, real time dashboards were made available on mobile devices and, for those who wanted, data could even be displayed on their own mobile device.



Together with OMAC, COPA-DATA thereby gave an impressive example of how standardization can lead to a marked simplification and improvement of the networking of production processes – without compromising functionality or control. Additionally, thanks to the excellent interoperability of zenon, this superordinate Supervisory Control System is also quick to implement and efficiently connects machines from various manufacturers to the overall system. This offers freedom and variety for sustainable configuration of optimal equipment components.


Would you like to find out more about this and other projects in collaboration with OMAC PackML standard or the OPC UA protocol? Please contact our Industry Manager for Food & Beverage Emilian Axinia.