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Out now! New software release: zenon 7.60

With the new version of our automation software zenon, we are supporting users on their individual road to the smart factory. zenon 7.60 combines ergonomic working, traceable processes and flexible possibilities for individual implementations. The result: increased efficiency, greater output, lower costs.

An overview of the zenon 7.60 highlights:


Trace processes in full

A significant new feature is the zenon Process Recorder module. It records individually-definable processes in full, and provides them on request at a later point in time. Past processes can be played back, forwarded or reversed step by step, or stopped, as often as you like.


Bundle information in a structured manner

With the new Context List screen type, zenon provides improved support for users when structuring manually-entered data and information. Entries made by different users can be harmonized with the new context lists, which is particularly beneficial for the analysis of alarm causes.


Locate statuses and errors quickly

Project engineers can easily integrate 3D models into a visualization project with the new 3D tool in zenon. The three-dimensional view of production machines increases user friendliness for users and promotes intuitive working. In the model, variables that call up the detail screens in a machine part can be linked or created. This makes it possible to locate certain states in the machine more quickly.

zenon 7.60 also offers a new possibility to combine data from geoinformation systems (GIS) and zenon visualization. With the GIS editor and GIS control, users can display electricity grids in the zenon visualization in geographical mapping material. Current statuses, such as alarms, are shown on the map directly and can be localized precisely.

Another new feature in zenon is the impedance-based fault locating. This functionality plays a vital role in energy automation. Using the impedance measured (alternating current resistance), it is possible to localize errors in the grid with great precision. The employees at energy supply companies can thus react quickly and with focus, thereby significantly reducing power outages.


Plan, document and analyze efficiently

The new zenon Shift Management integrates staff planning into the production environment. The shift calendar allows the planning and documentation of shift-based production processes. Shift-dependent production analyses can now be carried out in zenon Analyzer.


Easily integrate add-ins

Software users who want to amend or expand the performance of zenon with their own self-developed functions – Add-Ins – can use the Microsoft Visual Studio programming platform in zenon 7.60 for this. Individual, code-based development for the zenon Editor and zenon Runtime can thus be integrated in a simple and professional manner on this basis. This also expands the range of possibilities for automated engineering.


You want to find out more? There is more information about the new 7.60 version of zenon here. Our sales team would be happy to provide advice in relation to all new features and upgrade conditions.