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Out now! New software release: zenon Analyzer 3.10

In addition to the new version of our automation software, zenon 7.60, our software releases for 2017 also include an update to our reporting software, zenon Analyzer. zenon Analyzer 3.10 is appearing in a completely new look and makes the creation of reports easier and more flexible than ever before.

An overview of the zenon Analyzer 3.10 highlights:


Design reports ergonomically

The user interface of zenon Analyzer Management Studio (ZAMS) has been completely redesigned. In addition to the user-friendly ribbon menu, the creation of reports in zenon Analyzer 3.10 is even more intuitive and flexible. The person creating the report is guided through configuration by the software. Report designs can be freely compiled according to user requirements. Different reports can be combined on an overview sheet. Users thus have all important key figures, tables and graphics available at a glance.


Increase equipment availability

In zenon 7.60, the Context List screen type has been implemented, which makes it possible to structure alarm causes in a uniform manner. The alarm causes can be evaluated in detail in zenon Analyzer, and thus contribute to better quality management. Using the findings in relation to recurring errors and the causes of these as a basis, users can act in a more targeted manner, limit the sources of errors and increase equipment availability.


Flexible benchmarking

In the new software version, comparative reports can be created easily and individually in accordance with the user's requirements. Time periods, lots or shifts can thus be compared to one another flexibly; for example, actual values can be compared to “perfect” values from the past. Based on this data analysis, processes can be optimized and costs can thus be saved.


Cooperate and communicate internationally

Labels and descriptions in the report can now be easily translated in the language table. Pre-prepared entries can be amended or enhanced as desired. For the translation process, the list can be transferred to a translator by means of an XML export and re-imported again by means of an XML import.


You want to find out more? There is more information about the new 3.10 version of zenon Analyzer here. Our sales team would be happy to provide advice in relation to all new features and upgrade conditions.