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straton 9.1 available now

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new version of our IEC 61131-3 programming software: straton 9.1.

Evolving along with our customer’s projects and specific market standards, the software is now running with HTML5, MQTT and MySQL/SQLite solutions for sharing, controlling and using data for IoT and big data infrastructures.


MySQL/SQLite: Record events in a database

The new version of straton allows you to easily share and exchange information relating to your production processes that are stored on an internal (SQLite) or external (MySQL) database. By communicating with your database, the straton runtime allows you to save or view this data in a fast and efficient way (recipes, configuration parameters, events etc.), so you can easily find required information and recorded events.


MQTT: Simplified Data Analysis and Sharing

For this new version of the straton software, we have decided to respond to our customers’ need for mobility. That's why it's now possible to publish or view messages directly in the cloud wherever you are. For security purposes, the tool is compatible with TLS (encryption and authentication). This option facilitates data exchange and analysis and ensures optimum security. The integration is fast and the tool is compatible with any system.


HTML5: View your data at any time

straton's standard development environment already provides a graphical editor linked to Runtime variables with its straton Data Server tool. This option has been enhanced in the straton 9.1 new release by offering users to display this information through an Internet browser (edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome).

This option allows the viewing and sending of data at any time but can also send orders to a machine (example: on/off) and allows the operator to remain flexible and responsive. The straton tool for HTML5 is now available for all straton Data Server users by downloading the latest update from the development environment.


Download straton 9.1 and see the new features for yourself.