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The new zenon version 7.20: HMI/SCADA software for smart factories

The time has come: Our new zenon version 7.20 is now on the market and is fully in keeping with the smart factory: The software allows users to carry out targeted analyses and meaningful Big Data evaluations, and provides all relevant information, at any time and everywhere. In addition, you can now set up location-independent, cost-effective and scalable cloud solutions with zenon and Microsoft technologies.

The right software is an important requirement for the smart factory. With zenon 7.20, we are presenting a new software version that can meet the requirements for a platform for smart factories and is ergonomic, secure and powerful in the process.

zenon in the cloud

With the newly-available connection to Microsoft Azure in zenon 7.20, you can build up a cost-effective and highly-scalable cloud infrastructure. Our cloud solution makes it possible to collate historical information, and also real-time information, throughout sites, to compare it to one another, to place it in correlation and to display it with a clear overview in the form of dashboards. The advantage: Companies can also pursue approaches such as energy management, OEE, etc. at a global level. In order to also be able to archive the large amounts of data that are generated securely and in compliance with the law, we are offering an additional storage solution, the Big Data Solution: This low-priced and ergonomic solution combines zenon with the Microsoft technologies of cloud-integrated StorSimple storage (CiS) and Microsoft Azure. The data is initially saved on a hardware appliance in the internal network, the CiS, transferred to Azure cloud storage and archived there.

zenon on all end devices

With the mobile solutions, everything is centered on the Everywhere App by zenon. In zenon 7.20, we have further improved the graphical display for applications on tablets with Windows 8 and 8.1. The new Notifier App for Android smartphones optimizes and simplifies the acknowledgment of alarms. Another new feature is the password levels for Everywhere Server, in order to define which users can access the server with granularity. The new version of the Everywhere App by zenon is available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows Tablet. Furthermore, we offer comprehensive support for the HTML 5 standard and thus simplify the creation of human-machine interfaces (HMIs) using different platforms and end devices.

Batch Control in Food & Beverage – with zenon

Other new features in zenon 7.20

  • Increased security thanks to the configuration of communication ports using the Startup Tool, the signature of the files password.cmp and password.bin for each project, and much more
  • Optimized Recipegroup Manager with new recipe value table, interlocking mechanisms and live validation
  • High-performance graphics support thanks to DirectX version 11.1
  • The optimized interface makes it possible to instigate the calling up of production data from the SAP system directly
  • zenon Energy Edition offers the "Command Sequencer", a new module for compiling sequences of commands
  • zenon Energy Data Management System: new, low-priced product package for energy management solutions
  • zenon Logic 8.7: Update to the zenon IEC 61131 programming environment
  • Enhancements for the following drivers: IEC 60870 (slave and master), DNP3, SNMPv3, IEC 61850, IEC 61850 Edition 2, S7 (TIA 13 import).

You can find further information on zenon 7.20 here. Do you still have questions in relation to our new version of the software? Our sales team would be happy to help you.