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zenon Energy Data Management System

With the new zenon Energy Data Management System we are offering a tailored solution package for all energy management requirements.

Manufacturing companies are not only expected to produce large quantities quickly and cost efficiently, they should be particularly effective when it comes to resource allocation, sustainability and being "green". In addition to intuitive visualization and comprehensive production control it is essential to have an effective Energy Data Management System (EDMS) in place in order to continuously improve energy management while reducing consumption.

Gather, process and archive data centrally

Energy managers often have little time to concentrate on identifying and actualizing saving potential. Here, the zenon Energy Data Management System comes into play with exactly this solution. The new system supports energy teams with the automated collection and evaluation of energy data which you may need as a basis for decision making in energy management.

Energy data benchmarking

A targeted data logging and evaluation is essential for identifying the largest units of consumption and thereby achieving the most saving potential in production. Previously, what was often recorded in Excel tables with significant time expenditure, can now be more rapidly and simply assumed by modern automation software. An effective energy data management system on the one hand minimizes error rates and on the other allows for benchmarking across equipment or even organizations. Based on the given knowledge, energy managers can undertake the necessary adaptations to step up their production in order to become more energy efficient and actually save significant costs at the same time.

Well-thought-out Energy Management

The zenon Energy Data Management System already fulfills all of the necessary requirements for comprehensive energy management:

  • Energy data centrally bundled from various sources
  • Clear display of energy consumption data
  • Energy management reports and figures both in real time and historically
  • Important criteria fulfilled for the ISO 50001 standard (TÜV certification)
  • From the machine operator to the CEO: flexible access to the evaluations
  • Simple integration with existing systems and infrastructures

The clock is ticking: Take action now

Many countries are presently introducing part mandatory energy management programs. Therefore, in Germany for example non-SME companies are obligated, according to the amendment in the Federal Act on Energy Services and other Energy Efficiency Measures (EDL-G), to carry out an energy audit that satisfies DIN EN 16247-1 requirements by 5 December 2015 and a least every four years thereafter. However, those who have an energy data management system (that complies with the DIN EN ISO 50001 standard) in place at the time when this requirement comes into effect will be freed of this obligation.

zenon is not just suitable for fulfilling ISO 50001 standards but also delivers the required basis for an energy audit according to DIN EN 16247-1. So take action now and avoid potential fines.
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