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COPA-DATA welcomes its first Italian Gold Partner

MONT-ELE SRL is the first system integrator from Italy to reach the Gold Partner level. It is the fourth partner globally to gain Gold status within the COPA-DATA Partner Community.

For more than 40 years, Mont-Ele in Italy has developed electric, electro-mechanic, electronic and automation systems for energy, transport, industry and the environment. It has made it the company mission to offer solutions that help supply energy and power to millions of people every day and all over the world.


Mont-Ele offers a full service, including: engineering, construction, commissioning, support and maintenance. It develops all equipment in house with highly experienced, specialized staff who are continuously trained and certified to ensure they are able to successfully tackle even the most demanding and complex projects. 

As a system integrator, it is Mont-Ele’s aim to ensure the highest level of reliability and personalization. Mont-Ele trusts in COPA-DATA and has relied on zenon for many years.


"We are very proud to be the first Italian company to become a COPA-DATA Gold Partner. It is the result of commitment, training and a collaboration that has lasted for over 10 years. Our journey together started 13 years ago, when we introduced zenon for the first time to the Italian rail sector, and we remain convinced that zenon will continue to bring us many other successes." – Andrea Viganò, Mont-Ele.


COPA-DATA proudly welcomes Mont-Ele as its fourth Gold Partner within the COPA-DATA Partner Community. Sales manager responsible for the Italian market, Gian Luca Fulgoni, handed over the certificate to Andrea Viganò, project manager from Mont-Ele, and congratulated him on reaching the highest level of partnership.



Andrea Viganò, Mont-Ele, and Gian Luca Fulgoni of COPA-DATA.


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