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zenon Challenge

Creativity and innovation in a playful environment

The zenon Challenge was held in 2012 and 2014 with the target of connecting the complexity of the automation industry with the fun of LEGO MINDSTORMS. The participants were given the possibility of creating and visualizing a process solution in a straight-forward and fun way, using zenon and LEGO MINDSTORMS as the tools.

Winners of zenon Challenge 2014

The winner of the zenon Challenge 2014 was Team ITS – Image Tweaking System – from the University of Applied Sciences, Salzburg. “Participating in the zenon Challenge 2014 was not only a lot of fun, it was a journey that provided us with great insights into the possibilities of zenon. It was also the perfect opportunity to promote our department internally and the University externally.” – Christoph Scharf from Team ITS, University of Applied Sciences, Salzburg


In second place we had Team Vives Automation from the Belgian Vives University College, who created a Delta Robot which was able to cleverly sort colors. "We are proud to have reached second place in this challenging “zenon Challenge 2014”. It was a fun, but also very educative journey for our class.” – Dimitri Dekyvere from Team Vives Automation, Vives University College


Third place was given to Team AGH from the Polish AGH University of Science and Technology who actually contributed with three solutions in one video.

Next zenon Challenge

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1st Place: Team ITS – Image Tweaking System
zenon Challenge 2014
2nd Place: Team Vives Automation
zenon Challenge 2014
3rd Place: Team AGH
zenon Challenge 2014
4th Place: Team AVM – made to measure
zenon Challenge 2014