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Controlling critical

Controlling critical

in Food and Beverage Production

Controlling critical processes is essential for Food and Beverage producers. We will show you how to how to engineer a supervisory system simply by parameterizing our automation software, zenon.


For this example, to show you how to control a critical process, we chose a flash pasteurization process in Beverage Production. With zenon you can create an application to control such a process without any programming - simply by parameterizing your project.


In the whitepaper we provide you with a step-by-step guide for setting up a system like this in zenon, including:

  • PLC connections
  • process visualization
  • performance indicators
  • trend curves
  • alarm and event management, and
  • application extensions

Interested in learning how it works? Download our Whitepaper “Real-Time Process Supervision for the Food & Beverage industry” now!

Process Supervision

White Paper

Process Supervision

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